Peppermint Oil

Native to the Mediterranean region, the Peppermint plant is additionally cultivated within the USA, Italy, Great Britain, and Japan. Ancient texts suggest this plant's role in culinary and medicinal use to around 1500 BC. it's been noted in Chinese and Japanese folk medicine. Dried Peppermint leaves are discovered in Ancient Egyptian tombs too. Aristotle noted Peppermint as a good aphrodisiac in his writings. The Arabs used Peppermint in their social drinks as a virility stimulant and also the Romans used the plant's leaves on their floors to induce eliminate insects and pests.

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Mostly harvested under proper conditions, it produces optimum oil and Menthol is great quality. The most components of Peppermint oil are Menthol, Menthone, and 1,8-Cineole, Menthyl Acetate, and Isovalerate, Pinene, Limonene which are among the others that are in this specific oil. Out of those, the foremost active components are Menthol and Menthone. Menthol is an analgesic and is thus beneficial in reducing headaches, muscle aches, and inflammation. Menthone is an analgesic agent too. However, it's additionally an efficient antiseptic. When utilized in cosmetics, Peppermint Essential oil's antiseptic, astringent, warm characteristics of foster natural health and sweetness to the skin which glows, hair which shines and emotional to be stress free furthermore as physical wellbeing.


Nausea can often occur after an operation. One small study assessed the effect of inhaled seasoning on postoperative nausea. They found that patients rated their level of nausea as lower after inhaling seasoning.

Skin and Hair:

Add few drops daily to shampoo & conditioner to moisture an even up and keep hair moisturized and frizz-free.

Add some drops daily to body wash or lotion for healthy & radiant skin. For acne, mix 2-3 drops in an exceedingly tsp of carrier oil and apply to the affected area.

GI conditions:

This oil or menthol, one in all its main chemical components, has been employed in combination with caraway to treat functional dyspepsia. This condition is characterized by bloating and pain within the area of the stomach.