Citronella Oil

The name comes at it is seen so the oil’s main ingredient is citron or lime. It is mostly made up of the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogon or most commonly used name lemon grass of different kinds. Again this oil is made by distillation. Its native comes from Sri Lanka, China and Indonesia. The name is native from a French word meaning ‘lemon balm’. Don’t let this pale green-yellow fluid that smells strongly of lemon deceive you the uses of this are much more than you would expect.

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It has been traditionally used as a flavouring agent in food, a soothing agent in pain, infections, rashes, and inflammation. The essential oil is widely known for being a non-toxic insect repellent, natural and fragrant household cleaning agent and a quintessential ingredient in perfumery, soaps, scented candles, creams, lotions, bath washes, shampoos and more. When used in aromatherapy, it eases negative sentiments such as sadness, anxiety, and stress by relaxing the mind and tension in the body to promote a cheerful mood. Its happy aroma is reputed to normalize the irregular heartbeat and palpitations. It also eliminates symptoms of colitis, eases migraine, nausea, headaches, and neuralgia. Furthermore, Citronella is said to ease muscle spasms such as menstrual cramps and spasms of the respiratory as well as nervous systems. The oil heals skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis too. An excellent oil controller, Citronella balances moisture levels in the skin and hair while also protecting the two from sun damage. Additionally, it works on the skin to rid it aged spots, blemishes, scars, and acne. The hair is formed healthier by treating dandruff, lice, itchiness, frizz while adding volume. The oil continues to be happily used as a reforming, cleansing, disinfecting, deodorizing properties and freshening.

Fights Depression:

Citronella oil fights depression and provides relief from anxiety, sadness, and negative feelings. It induces a fresh, happy feeling and hope.

Insect Repellent:

This is one among the foremost commonly used properties of citronella volatile oil, because it kills and keeps away insects. It has been found particularly effective on a species of mosquito, called yellow-fever mosquito whose bite causes the dreaded yellow jack. This is also effective on lice, body and Pediculus capitis, and fleas.

Removes Bad Odor:

The lemon-like aroma of citronella oil removes away body odor and is mostly used in deodorants and body sprays, but in very small quantities, if heavy doses is used it leads to create skin irritations. It also can be mixed with the bathwater to possess a refreshing bath.

Promotes wound healing:

Based on recent research, citronella oil may have the potential to hurry up the healing of wounds. this might be of particular importance for people with diabetes, as wounds tend to heal more slowly with this condition.

In a 2016, researchers checked out the effect that citronella oil had on the healing of Candida-infected wounds in an exceedingly diabetic mouse model. The oil has both an antifungal and anti inflammatory effect to the human body. The researchers suggested that the mix of those two factors led to accelerated wound healing.

Reliving of inhalation:

In 2001 a study investigated the results of inhaling citronella, lavender, and rosemary essential oils. Lavender was found to possess a calming effect and rosemary was found to possess a remarkable effect on the brain. Citronella, on the opposite hand, had a more complex in-between effect. The writers suggest that the results of citronella could vary by individual.


As again it depends on what this oil is used for but for mosquitoes. Just Mix 5-10 drops of citronella oil in water in a spray bottle. Spray the perimeter of your home or anywhere around your body NOT on.