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A Brief History About Us

Who We Are

M/s.Trade India Exports & Oils Pvt ltd, Nilgiris is a Manufacturer & Exporter of Natural & Essential Oils and has been renowned for over four decades in its respective field with its Registered Office at Metro drive, Southwick Ooty. The company being highly reputed for its outstanding quality and products in terms of hygiene, focus, consistency and range of Oils priced affordably and most of all, the promptness of supply and punctuality to Distributors, Dealers, Agencies, End users and so on for its entire period.

The company was established 40 years ago in 1980, with two other sister concerns as Nilgiris Extracts & Fragrance and Western Trading Complex.

In the beginning the company was registered as Partnership Firm, and later became a Private Limited Firm with a Board of Directors. Besides this, the company had developed the GVN Educational and Charitable Trust and used to contribute 2 % of the Profit from the overall business towards development of the Trust. Apart from this the Firm was also involved in funding for the welfare of Classes that have faced injustice and poverty, Mentally Challenged & Handicapped as well as Homes for the Aged and Elderly from the societies in the Nilgiris and other parts of India very generously for their welfare.

Eventually the company took the initiative of undertaking operations in different geographical regions suitable for better yield of Herbal & Medicinal Plants & Trees, consisting of the required properties and quality of medicinal value in South India in order lease them long term. The trained teams of employees were placed at appropriate fields to maintain trees & plants before extracting Oils scientifically using the mechanized distillery Units for further processing.

The entire operations are so vital that they often contribute substantially with quantity and demand to the Internal and external markets.

The conservation & production sectors had several key areas. Water and Soil conservation, fertilization, Scientific treatment periodically in order to eradicate weeds, insecticides, fungicides so as to promote standard growth while maintaining preventive measures against adverse effects during initial & crucial stages. Seasonal harvesting and healthy agricultural practises were practised for better yield, prosperity and sustenance.

Under the operational Upstream system, the exploration of underwater and fertile land for optimum growth were conducted by qualified experts from relative fields.

Under the system of operational Midstream that streamlines the sources of cuttings, seedlings and so on, transportation, storage & preservation and process of cultivations were handled by trained personnel.

Operational Downstream refers to filtering of the raw materials obtained during the upstream phase. This means refining distilled oil and purifying them with required substances, deemed fit with lab tests and their reports as recommended by the scientific departments maintained by the authorized ancillary divisions

As per the regular norms, after the acceptance of specified SOP, the organization was well recognized & awarded with related certificates annexed over leaf for references.

Besides this, the company had adapted selective villages / rural sectors for stipulated periods to engage the unemployed/volunteers and got them involved into the operation of business as they themselves found fit. The company was involved in such activities to uplift the downtrodden and helpless to become self-dependent after learning the trade under their segments in the long run.

By and large the Company has improved its diversity on Infrastructure, Productions, and Marketing & Welfare to a large extent and strives to reach many more milestones in the days to come.

Natural & essential Oils are therefore integral to many industries of pharmaceutical and is of critical importance to many health factors and medicinal Values. Thus, the industry continues to wield incredible influence on pharmaceutical production that increases its demand rapidly.

Growth and demand for quality products is increasing at a remarkable rate among high profile buyers. The common markets are flooded with various products on different levels with inconsistency in terms of quality and cost. The company is strongly determined in fulfilling the buyers demands always as required by them and ensuring their satisfaction.

To meet the challenging situation of demand & supply on time, we recruit and encourage Agencies & Dealers capable enough to develop the network in their respective regions subject to the slated terms & conditions as decided by the Board.

Therefore we take this opportunity to announce and encourage those who would like to know more about us and our products, to communicate to us through mail with their background, business proposals and so on to proceed further to develop a network.

In addition we also wish to highlight the Guest house by the name of Aurora Light Residency, that we have been maintaining in Ooty for over 10 years through online booking from Make my trip and Goibibo in particular. Those interested can log on to www.auroralightresidency.com and get to know more about the Guest House for a pleasant, luxurious and hospitable stay while touring in Ooty.

More classified details of the products and their benefits with cost factors in general are provided on other pages for those who wish to know more about the company. The option is open for all to approach the Organization directly or indirectly for sourcing the products either in Bulk or Retail. The company is in the process of exploring all possibilities & intends to take a chance and create an option to develop the trade & business through those who wish to associate with us and trade long term.

Those who wish to associate with us are welcome for joint ventures for the common goal of mutual benefits and prosperity for all by and large. And those who require our products can feel free to call us or write to us at any time and we shall strive to provide a warm and satisfactory response.